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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why is professional maintenance important?

You probably wouldn’t allow your business to go without proper care and maintenance as it would deteriorate quickly and lose value. The same applies to your landscape. You have made a significant investment in your landscaping and it needs to be properly cared for through a professional turf and plant health care program designed to protect that investment and ensure a healthier and more enduring landscape. An Account Manager will be assigned to manage your property and assist you with additional needs you may have on your site.

Q:   How much does professional landscape maintenance cost?

The price for a landscape maintenance program will vary from site to site. Getting a proposal is simple. We will survey your site, evaluate the property’s needs, and develop a proposal that is customized to your specific circumstances.

Q:  What is included in your maintenance program?

Full service maintenance includes mowing and trimming of all turf areas, removal of grass clippings as needed, blowing of all hard surfaces. Removal of leaves and other debris from turf area. Grass is not cut during hot, dry weather. Removal and clean up of weeds, leaves and debris in bed areas. Our maintenance program can be tailored to your needs.

Q:  Do you collect grass clippings after each mowing?

No. Clippings contain water and elements that are desirable for soil and turf. Your soil contains microbes and fungi that break down the clippings to a form usable by the plants. Also, these clippings will keep soil covered, minimizing evaporation. As the clippings decompose, they return organic matter to your soil, helping create tiny spaces (macropores and micropores) for water and air, improving percolation and fighting compaction.

Q:  Will I receive service each week?

Yes. We’ll visit once a week during most of the season.  In April, we perform your spring cleanup and usually begin weekly mowing by the beginning of May.  In late October through November, we visit your site approximately every 10 days to perform fall operations including leaf cleanup.


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